Heterogeneous Catalysis

Benefuel has developed a novel and patented catalytic process ENSEL® for refining renewable feedstock's into a variety of high margin products, including fuel, oleochemicals and biodegradable lubricants - a combined global market estimated at over one hundred billion dollars.

Benefuel's integrated biorefinery model updates 75 year old antiquated chemistry with capital light manufacturing to provide a truly disruptive process for next generation renewable fuel and industrial chemicals production.

Benefuel's ENSEL® process combines esterification of free fatty acids (FFA) and transesterification of triglycerides into a single process step – a long-standing technology goal of the biodiesel and oleochemical industries.

Solving these challenge significantly expands feedstock options, simplifies the refining process and enables a cost structure competitive with petroleum products.

To achieve a consistent, high quality product, Benefuel's process is engineered as a true continuous flow process (instead of a batch process), much like a commercial petroleum or petro-chemical refinery. This affords lower CAPEX and OPEX on projects and positions Benefuel as the low-cost producer in the industry.