Süd-Chemie India Pty Ltd.

Benefuel has an exclusive manufacturing agreement with Süd-Chemie India Ltd (SCIL) which allows our R&D partner, NCL direct access to one of the top catalyst manufacturers and its respective technologies. SCIL is a franchised partner of Süd-Chemie AG. (www.sud-chemie.com) - a publicly quoted, independent specialty chemicals company headquartered in Munich, Germany and operating on a worldwide scale. Key markets served by its Adsorbents Division include the consumer-goods, packaging and foundry industries, as well as the paper and plastics industries and water treatment. Products manufactured by the Catalysts Division offer solutions for the chemicals, petrochemicals and refinery industries, for energy storage and hydrogen production as well as off-gas purification. The common denominator of all its products and innovations is the efficient and sparing use of natural resources to enhance the quality of life for humans and the environment. Süd-Chemie generated sales of just over €1 billion in 2006, approx. 80% of these outside Germany. At the end of 2007, the group employed approximately 5,000 people at its 70 sales and production sites