Patent Release

August 1, 2010

(Chicago, IL) Benefuel, Inc. announces the recent publication of a patent on its licensed biodiesel production catalyst and process technology: USPTO #7,754,643.

This most recent patent was granted on the composition of matter claims for Benefuel’s mixed metal catalyst in the production of biodiesel fuel, and is the latest in a growing intellectual property estate surrounding the novel, solid acid catalysts licensed from the National Chemical Laboratory in Pune, India.

In May of this year, the US and PCT applications (US2010.0108523 A1 and WO 2010/051131 A1) on proprietary technology for the separation of biodiesel from glycerin were published, encompassing novel, proprietary separation technology also licensed to Benefuel and developed by NATCO, a division of Cameron Enterprises, Inc. in Houston, TX.

“It is critical for biofuels production to match the production platform of present-day fuels, continuous operations, variable feedstocks and consistent quality and output,” said Robert Tripp, Benefuel CEO. “Benefuel’s solid catalyst platform is the only second-generation production process for biodiesel that meets these targets and does so cost effectively.”

Benefuel is commercializing the world’s most advanced, solid catalyst biodiesel refining platform, capable of producing high quality biodiesel from almost any type of feedstock and thereby transforming the old model of large batch, centralized fuel production and fragmented distribution into a new model of localized production and consumption from the vast array of renewable, inedible fats and oils available in the global market.