Robert Tripp


Robert Tripp is President and CEO of Benefuel Inc., and has been involved in the biodiesel industry for the last five years, building and installing facilities in the United States. Robert co-founded Benefuel with William Summers in 2007 to capitalize on the acquisition of global patents on advanced biodiesel and glycerin refining technology. He began his career in Management Consulting with Deloitte & Touche and a year later he joined the newly formed Internet start-up, iSTAR where he helped take it public (iSTAR was the first Internet company to go public in Canada) and grow it from 15 people to over 350 within three years. Rob started Clarity, a software development company that was based in Calgary, Alberta, and grew it into a leading provider of back office applications and custom developed software. Rob has used his background in business process improvements and systems to provide a much-needed update to the biodiesel industry’s business methods with automated quality assurance and condensed distribution supply chains.

Tony Wells

Sr. Vice President, Business Development & Operations

Anthony (Tony) Wells is Sr. Vice President Business Development & Operations of Benefuel, Inc. Tony has served as a Senior Executive/Manager/Engineer with more than 25 years of experience in the biofuels, food and grain processing industries. Tony’s experience cuts across all aspects of Technology Commercialization, Business & Strategy Development, Operations, Process & Project Engineering, multi-site Supply Chain Management and Engineering Consulting. Previous work experience includes: CEO of EnviroSolve Bioenergy, LLC; Sr. VP of Operations with Altra Biofuels, Inc.; Cargill Corn Milling in Facility Management, Supply Chain Management and Business and Strategy Development; Sr. Process and Project Engineering with Roquette America; Sr. Process Design Engineering with Simons-Eastern Consulting Engineers; Operations Management with American Maize. Mr. Wells is a graduate of Iowa State University and holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering.

Adrian Galvez

Vice President of Engineering

Adrian Galvez has 32 years of experience in developing new technologies, scaling up those technologies, and then engineering and managing large-scale biomass processing facilities. In addition to leading multiple successful commercial developments of innovative process technologies, Adrian has also led various efforts with new technology incubation and discovery. Adrian has held leadership positions with HeliaeDevelopment, Solazyme, EdeniQ, Altra Biofuels, Delta-T, GPC, and ADM. Adrian holds a BA degree in Chemistry from Benedictine College.