History of Development

Benefuel owns exclusive, worldwide rights to refining technology, developed at the world renowned, National Chemical Laboratory (NCL), for the production of biofuels, lubricants and other specialty chemical products. Benefuel is the exclusive owner of a patent to its ENSEL® process which was developed at Sud Chemie and tested at NCL and found to be the most promising of technologies reviewed.

Benefuel has an established an exclusive partnership with Sud-Chemie India Ltd. (SCIL), a leading global catalyst manufacturer, for the production of catalyst used in the ENSEL® process. SCIL has established production and quality control in place to supply enough catalyst annually to support over one billion gallons per year of biodiesel production.

Benefuel has successfully built and operated two, fully integrated demonstration-scale demonstration plants of its technology, using its proprietary, patented ENSEL process, proving the scalability and efficiency of its commercially available catalyst across a broad range of low grade, low-cost feedstocks with high free fatty acid. The first, two-reactor, fully integrated demonstration scale plant was successfully operated and tested at a facility in Japan, through its ITOCHU partnership. The second single-reactor demonstration facility was successfully operated and tested in the United States, through its Flint Hills Resources partnership.

Now working with a number partners world-wide, Benefuel’s first commercial scale project with a name plate capacity of 50 million gallons of biodiesel per year will commence operations in Beatrice, Nebraska in the fourth quarter of 2015.