Engineering & Consulting

Benefuel offers design and consulting services to its partners and licensees interested in building either green field Benefuel® biodiesel plants or in retro-fitting an existing biodiesel facility. We work through all phases of a project from preliminary engineering phases through its detailed engineering design phase, construction, start-up and operation.

Benefuel® Management Systems provides consulting and technical service support for biodiesel plants post-start up. We assist plant operations teams with developing the standard operating procedures needed for the optimization of a Benefuel refinery to provide the best economics, conversion, yield and product quality. Benefuel® Management Systems ensure our partners and licensees see the best returns for their investment.

Benefuel operates offices in the United States and Canada. Benefuel is actively developing new projects to deploy its technology. Benefuel and its engineering teams are also available to examine and optimize existing biodiesel refineries to determine if they are suitable for upgrade.